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Thanks for visiting our blog! We will write about good tips for healthy snacking. Enjoy!

  • So why do you need to eat your vegetables anyway?

    We at Snikkidy work very hard to provide families and kids with low calorie snacks rich in nutrients and flavor, but low in fat and leaving out all the additives and preservatives that pack mainstream chips and crackers. We only use the best ingredients prepared using quality recipes that will

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  • A story I Read about Recently

    Recently I was reading through articles on US News, burning some time while I waited for a call, and I came across an article so fascinating that I just had to share it with everyone.

    The article, located here,

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  • New News Says that a Soda a Day Can Hurt More than Your Waistline!

    As a mother of two little girls already (and a third baby on the way as well!) I sometimes feel like my high school and college days were a lifetime ago—and then again sometimes I still wake up panicked that I failed my Trigonometry final exam! But with my little girls now going to school I do

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  • Try Baking with your Kids!

    I love cooking with my kids and I’ve written before about how advantageous it can be not only as a way to spend time with them, but to teach them important skills like how to measure, follow instructions, clean up after themselves, and more. Plus if your child is a picky eater getting them to

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  • How else do you deal with a picky eater?

    Involve your child. Take them shopping and ask them which apples or fruit they want to take home, or have them weigh the vegetables and tell them what you are going to make and how you make it. You can also (as I’ve written before) spend a lot of quality time with your children by cooking with

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  • How do you deal with a picky eater?

    Training my girls to eat everything on their plates and to not complain has not been an easy process—and it isn’t over yet!  And there are also those days where Sadie simply refuses to eat even the best snacks for her, even if she couldn’t get enough of them the day before! Children almost seem

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  • More Crafty Snacks for your Kids!

    There’s no reason easy snacks shouldn’t be healthy and taste good too—and you can pretty easily spice up your snack food diet by using the miracle of ‘that looks like something delicious.’ Case in point? Make sweet potatoes chips and put a show on for your kids. All you need are sweet

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  • Crafty Snacks for your Kids!

    Getting children to eat healthy food can sometimes be an uphill battle. But getting them to enjoy eating it? That can seem totally impossible.  I think that there is a way and it has worked very well with Sunny & Sadie in my own home. If you can get your children to participate in the meal

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  • Have you tried Quinoa?

    While I love and am passionate about providing my family and others with high quality healthy snack food, outside of work I still have to work to make sure that our family meals are healthy and tasty—and that can be difficult, especially with little ones. While I try to mix it up and make

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  • Life is short, have a better breakfast!

    Old family lore states that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it is true! A good breakfast gets your metabolism started and can clear your mind for the rest of the day and help you wake up. And eating a substantial, nutrient-filled breakfast is one of the best ways to ward off

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  • Even More Great Snack Ideas from March- National Nutrition Month!

    11. Blend milk, frozen strawberries, and a banana to make a great smoothie. A sprinkle of sugar doesn’t hurt the mix and there are infinite combinations of other fruits to choose between!
    12. Make a mini-sandwich using tuna or egg salad on a dinner roll.
    13. Sprinkle grated cheese over a

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  • Great Snack Ideas from March- National Nutrition Month!

    Did you know that March was National Nutrition Month? Devoting an entire month to the importance of nutrition is a great idea for helping to increase awareness of the importance of eating right to address such concerns as weight gain, diabetes, cholesterol, and heart conditions. And, in honor of

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  • Try keeping a food diary!

    Making sure that my children (and my husband) eat right on a daily basis and stay healthy is something that I take very seriously, and something that Snikkidy’s low calorie snacks help with a lot especially when I’m packing Sunny & Sadie’s bags as they run off for school.  But sometimes

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