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  • Hollywood meet Snikiddy

    Hollywood met Snikiddy indeed and I can promise it was a ton of fun. Great laughs were shared by both Snikiddy and Hollywood. It’s not everyday that an opportunity to shoot TV commercials comes across the desk of a small-ish snack food company like ours, but we made it happen. With the help of our incredibly creative and talented friends at Preacher we are soon to see Eat Your Vegetables® hilarious commercials on TV, including the season finale of Modern Family!

    It was a very long, hot and windy day in Hollywood with temperatures in the 90’s when we arrived on set to shoot our first commercial “Soccer Practice”. The actors were well into the finishing stages of being styled and the set looked as if a true soccer game were underway. The team we were cheering for was the Griffons in orange, but the fun was all happening on the sidelines as one mom was fed up with another fellow soccer mom insulting her credibility (in more straight forward terms mom #1(Jen) called mom #2 (Sam) a liar due to Sam having claimed she had been a Gorgeous Lady of Wrestling, is currently dating an super hot underwear model, her kids speak fluent Italian and of course the lie that tipped the scales… munching on Eat Your Vegetables which allowed her to get her vegetables at the same time as enjoying delicious chips). You won’t believe what happens next, as Sam shows Jen that she is in fact an honest mom!

    After a short break which included a delicious al fresco lunch with the hardworking folks who helped to make this all happen including (director, camera crew, staging team, stylist, actors, Preacher team and team Snikiddy) we embarked upon the 2nd commercial. This set had been prepped while “Soccer Practice” was shot so we were all ready to get rolling.

    “Backyard” is the title of this commercial a more nuanced kind of humor this commercial shocked all, including the boyfriend who had no choice but to “ride the lighting”. His girlfriend gives him a real jolt when she slaps his face clearly as a reaction to her newfound freedom discovered after she enjoys her delicious chips that also have vegetables in them. Eat Your Vegetables become the showstopper for this hipster couple as they together “Ride the Lighting”.

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