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  • What are Eat Your Vegetables®?

    I can’t tell you how many times folks ask me what Eat Your Vegetables are. I often am met with these types of responses, “So, can I find them in the frozen section?” or “Is that the name of a product, I’m confused?”

    Eat Your Vegetables are unique. They are delicious chips AND they contain amazing vegetables. We often say it’s not a product revolution but it’s a pretty cool solution. Unfortunately, there are a lot of products out there with the word Vegetable, Veggie or some derivative there of in the name, but they don’t have “real” vegetables in them.

    Although I don’t have the ability to take all the people I meet on a tour of our facility it sure would be a fun. They could see for themselves the buckets full of vegetables that are mixed together to create the dough, which is then cut into chip size. Visualize when you make your dough for cookies then roll it out after that you use the cookie cutters to make the shapes. It’s remarkable similar to that.

    In short Eat Your Vegetables are a pretty cool and tasty way for Veggies to get served… As chips!

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