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  • 15 Spring Activities to Enjoy with Your Family

    Tulips are synonymous with spring. Bring them inside and craft some with your kids in one of these 25 ways.

    Create a tic-tack-toe board in your backyard using nature. Flat rocks can be the board and you can paint round rocks to be the playing pieces.

    Tic Tac Toe

    Create bird identifications cards and bird watch in your backyard or at a local park. Find images of birds online, then print them on cards with their name and a little information about the bird on them. If you want to use them again and again consider laminating them.

    Find day hikes in your area and take off on an adventure. Pick a trail level that is appropriate for your family so that everyone has fun. (Don’t forget to pack Snikiddy)

    Play a crazy, messy game like this idea. Place a shower cap on your head, cover it in shaving cream and have your kids toss cheese puffs at it. See how many they can make stick.

    Make stilts out of old tin cans. You can creatively decorate them and plan games while standing on the stilts. The directions are very simple .

    Tin Can Stilts

    When was the last time you did something as simple as skip stones on a near by pond. Your kids will have so much fun learning how to do it.

    The spring can bring with it some nasty storms. If you are getting the wind and not the rain, choose to enjoy it by flying a kite.

    Plan a picnic with a healthy meal. If you don’t have time to cook something put together some fresh veggies, fruit, cheese and snacks like yogurt. It doesn’t need to be complicated. Remember, it’s not a picnic until someone pulls out the Snikiddy.

    There’s singing in the rain, but what about dancing in the rain. Make sure you cover yourself and your kids up. Grab your galoshes, rain jacket and umbrella and head out for a dance.

    There is nothing better then fresh vegetables at dinner time. Your kids will love watching the full life cycle of planting a seed and growing their favorite vegetables. Make sure you check the planting schedule for your region to ensure success.


    Create an art gallery in your backyard. First you need to create the works of art in whatever manner you choose. Then tie string or cable between a couple of trees and hang the art work off the string with clothes pins.

    Head out on a family bike ride. Make it a journey. Plan an end destination that has some interest so that the family stays motivated to keep riding.

    Create a nature scavenger hunt and see who can find all the items first. You can find printable sheets online that already outline all the items that need to be found or create one yourself. You can even include images to help your kids find what they are looking for.

    nature scavenger hunt

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