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  • Snikiddy’s 10 Back to School Must Haves

    Some school supplies have certainly changed over the years, while others remain the same. When you went shopping with your mom for back to school you weren’t buying digital storage devices and laptops. Scientific calculators were most likely as technologically advanced as your shopping list got. However, in addition to the technology kids still need backpacks, pens and binders. Here are 10 items that we at Snikiddy think are important to start the year off right.

    A practical, but fun Lunch box that you can fill with Snikiddy and other healthy foods. Here are a few ideas. There are so many options to choose from nowadays.

    Locker Bling that will make your kids happy every time they open up their locker. Everything from photo frames, to wall paper, to rugs and even a chandelier. Your child will really be able to express their own style.

    Healthy Snacks to keep your kids going throughout the long school day. We may be a little biased on this one, but you know your kids love them and you love giving them to your kids.

    Duct Tape to take their school supplies up to the next level. Just like your child’s locker, duct tape can encourage your child’s creativity and let them personalize an otherwise boring binder.

    A fun alarm clock to help get them out of bed in the morning or if nothing else just be a cute decoration in their room. We know what really gets kids out of bed in the morning. Mom!

    A reusable water bottle to ensure your kids are staying hydrated all day long. Just like eating a nutritious lunch, staying hydrated will keep your kids better focused throughout the school day.

    An academic planner so your kids always know what homework they have to do every night, no excuses allowed. Everyone could use a little more organization in their life!

    A USB drive to store all of their hard work. Every kid is going to need one, so why not buy your kid one they will love. Plus it will help them identify it so they don’t take someone else’s by mistake.

    A functional, fun pencil holder so they don’t lose all those school supplies you just purchased. The best part is, you can make these ones yourself.

    Post-Its, just think about how much you use them. Don’t you think they could be just as helpful for your kids as well! Make them even more special by getting them a personalized pack.

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