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  • Snikiddy’s 8 Tailgating Must Haves

    Fall is a beautiful time of year filled with gorgeous colors, fun outdoor activities, and of course football. There is nothing better than enjoying great food on a brisk fall day with a group of your friends before heading into the big game. In some cases the tailgating has become an even bigger deal then the game itself. The number of different gadgets and games you can have just for the parking lot is endless. Out of all those option here are 8 things that we really like to have at our tailgates!

    1. Snikiddy. Let’s get the most obvious one out of the way first. You must have a lot of Snikiddy or your tailgate will be a flop. In our opinion at least.

    2. Corn Hole. Choose to make your own boards if you like DIY and if not go out and buy a set.

    3. Music. Solar powered speakers for music and pre game commentary.

    4. Pop up tent. So you can have your tailgate rain or shine.

    5. A grill on wheels. To make your life easier.

    6. Cooler. This cooler has it all, it’s on wheels, it will keep everything cold and it has a speaker system.

    7.Food. We say keep it simple, fresh and healthy.

    8. Seating. Most people don’t want to stand the whole time, try this fold out bench so a lot of people can sit at once.

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